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Brookside campout and training

Brookside, Alabama has invited us to come out and use their park for multiple cx races this year. If you haven’t been to John Bensko park you need to get out there and check it out. I think I have either ridden out there with a group or taken the kids out there to ride every weekend for the past two months…it’s that awesome.

The grand opening for the new campground is next weekend 9/9 – 9/10 and we are going to have an official BAMACROSS practice out there on Sunday the 10th at 10am. Camping out on Saturday night is encouraged, I’ll be there with the full Marshall clan. On Sunday we will set up barriers for dismount/mount practice and I will give assistance and answer any questions that newcomers may have about cyclocross racing. We will do barriers for 30min and then have a timed race simulation on a short course to get you acclimated to a 45 min effort on dirt. Brookside will have a festival going on at the same time, so it will be friendly for the whole fam as well as the rowdy crowd. If you don’t live close to Bham and haven’t had a chance to ride the course….this is your chance.

The park has bathrooms, showers, playground, hiking trails, creek beach, rope swing…

If you are planning to join us camping, make reservations with the town of Brookside. Primitive site is 10 bucks and improved sites are 20.

Let’s get it on!

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