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Series Rules

Rules have been updated. Let the strategery commence.

15 comments to Series Rules

  • W4

    I’m pretty sure the ‘cross age is as of 31 DEC 2012 as the ‘cross season stradles the new year. HOLYCRAP, my racing age is now 33!

  • c4cupp

    Thanks for increasing the Masters points.

  • c4cupp

    You are correct W4. USAC deems cx season starting Sept. 1 each year and running through the last day of February of the next year.

  • ALEX

    Does the last column on the points table include f3?

    Gawd, I’m old.

  • HurleyO

    I dont see the purpose for the Cat3 series pay out when “mandatory upgrade” is 3-5 races with top placing results, it seems he would say have 3 top 3’s or whatever high placings and well on his way to series win only to be pushed up and out the back. Help me understand this.

  • Sounds like Hurley is trying to get that paper this year.

  • c4cupp

    Hurley i see your point but i don’t think it will play out that way this year with someone losing out on an upgrade. to me last year was just a fluke with 2 3’s being head and shoulders above the others. in the overall last year past jan and omar it was very close in points for the rest. with that the 3’s should be one of the best points battle of all the bamacross catagories. if a 3 can win or place top 3 in a 1/2/3 fields consistently then they should have to upgrade. also unrelated to this i hope everyone knows that in order to be able to upgrade you must have an annual license. by the rules you can only race cat 4 with a one day.btw hurley we still have a kit with your name on it should you want to join us.

  • Brent Marshall

    Wow! we have 2 HurleyO’s logging on to BAMACROSS…what are the chances? I know Mike Hurley, who has won the ELITE category 3 years in a row, wouldn’t be asking about the cat 3 series- AS I’M SURE HE IS RACING IN THE 1/2’S!

  • ALEX

    Are the cat 3 women in the last column of points? It isn’t showing in my browser if it is or I am stoopid.

  • Brent Marshall

    the cat 3 women are supposed to be in the last column. I’ll wake the helper monkey to get this fixed.

  • hurleyo

    Maybe you guys are right a Cat3 here possibly could be rolling with the “1-2’s” here but I can speak for my self, if i went to a bigger race Im sure i would not be at that level of a 1/2 or pro, thats just my take. Im gonna ask that my license keep as such(cat3) but sign me in with the 1/2’s with the potential to still be eligible for the Prizes. Lets work this out ahead of time gents.

  • Brent Marshall


    I’ve never known you to sandbag anything, don’t start now. BAMACROSS is governed by USA Cyling rules when it comes to what category you can race. You cannot race out of category (3 racing 1,2’s). Anyone requiring an upgrade should e-mail slamp@usacycling.org and request an upgrade. If you feel that you are not fit to race with the 1,2’s you can always race master’s or singlespeed. But, to ask that you remain a 3 and race with the 1,2’s in our series is an insult to the series and your fellow competitors…just sayin’

  • W4

    Are the 3 to 2 upgrades mandatory for the 3s relative to other 3s from last year or relative to the combined 1/2/3 class that was raced? I read it as 3top3 or 5top5 places in the race that you entered and not relative to the other guys with the same license category. If the latter was the case, we’d have most of the 2s racing as 1s with the forced upgrades.
    That way, the 3s that kicked every 1/2/3 butt out there would be forced up and leave the 3s that placed well with respect to the other 3s to remain a 3 until he started beating the 1/2s. Just my thought.
    No big deal though, now there is a 1/2 race and a 3 race running at the same time so it will sort itself out after a few races anyway.
    FYI…the races at the UCI level go P/1 and 2/3 so if you’re a 3 forced up to a 2, you’ll be in the same race. At the races in TN, they do the 1/2 and 3 separate like Bamacross.
    Cool. See you guys soon.

  • HUrleyO

    Well, if and when i place(consistently), I’ll upgrade. Considering my age and past 2 years of little to no racing… just saying. Awww man this is gonna be tough.
    PS Any thoughts on Cullman??

  • W4

    Mike Hurley is the original Bamacross BA and still the coolest guy to grace the podium. Seriously.
    We need to keep Troy Tucker coming down from TN and lure J-rod Dorminey out of retirement; then we’d have a Bamacross reunion of the fasts.

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