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shurts so guud

9 comments to shurts so guud

  • Barry

    What must one do to get one of these shirts?????

  • George

    Brent: I might be headed down that way (down to see the wife’s family) in October…do you have a location (other than just BHM) for the 10/16 race, and a way for me to register for it early if I want to put it on my schedule? Is BamaCross on BikeReg or one of the other sites? Thanks,

    George (from NC)

  • Brent Marshall

    The shirts should be here in a couple of weeks. I will post when they are available.

    George, I’m wrapping up some logistics right now and will have more info. posted Sept. 1st. The 10/16 race is slated for Jefferson State Community College (Center Point Campus). If something falls through with the venue (it is being sold) we will race in Brookside, Al again. We will utilize bikereg again this year for pre-registration.

  • HurleyO

    not diggin it. although i might could use some of his magic to get me to a podium 😉

  • HurleyO

    the picture of the swamy on the shirt that is

  • Brent Marshall

    Hurley, I have witnessed you rocking socks/sandals.

  • Brent Marshall




  • hurleyo

    Dood!!! I’ll emo-T-con til im dead as well as the socks and sandals. Just saying YO! Represent Cross dood!!!

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