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2011 season is here.

I hope you have been doing intervals, running, dieting, practicing embro application, eating salad, bathing in sand and doing remounts in your yard…because I aint gonna do it for you. This will be the first year we have done a ‘real’ cx season (through January). It should be interesting to see how many can make it through to the end. It should be interesting to see if I make it through to the end.

I have made a few more tweaks to the series rules, MAKE SURE YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND THE RULES! Men and women will not be scored seperate for the team comp. Tuscaloosa is double points. Anniston is the State Champ race and there will be badass jerseys for the champs. They will be black.

We have a bunch of new sponsors and some old ones that have stepped forward. Ivan Leonard Chevrolet is the new title sponsor. St. Vincent’s has shown their support again. Back Forty Beer,Brick Alley Bicycles, Enzo’s buttonhole, Thomson and Mountain High outfitters have joined the team. Cahaba Cycles has upped the ante by sponsoring three races, Birmingham Bicycle Company has stepped up to sposor two races. Bike Link is back on board for their third year in a row. Bob’s Bikes has signed up for the second year in a row. Velocity and Wig are back on board doin’ what they do. Chain Reaction Cycles has sponsored for another year despite not having a cross race in their area. Hammer nutrition has been a driving sponsor since we started this thing and they are still giving the goods. Planet Bike, Red Bike Coffee and Twin six are giving up the goods for you again this year as well. The prizes should be plentiful for you this year. Remember to show appreciation to these sponsors as they are the ones making the magic happen for you guys.

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