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Bamacross #2 Results are here!

8 comments to Bamacross #2 Results are here!

  • Maaike Everts

    I already mentioned this on the Facebook page, but please let me know if you notice anything wrong (name, team, license number) by emailing me: maaike at uab dot edu.

  • HurleyO

    Wasnt Fyfe the only one to go on with one to go all others calling – basically a mix up on Lap counts?? I guess i dont matter seeing how im so far off the back anyway huh?

  • HurleyO

    thats in the 1/2’s. Also didnt Joe dabbs finish higher in the 3’s, i know he had a mechanical but im pretty sure i saw him coming again WHILE i was ahead of Spawn and JD at least???

  • Maaike Everts

    Hey Mike; there was a mixup in communication towards Will and that’s why he did another lap (even though we tried yelling at him that he was done – he was simply too fast to hear us :)), but there was never a misunderstanding in the scoring. Joe was the third to last to finish and his position in the latter laps (after his mechanical) was consistent (I just checked), so I don’t think there’s a problem there. I really appreciate the feedback though.

  • jacob

    Yep. Dabbs was a lap down due to a mechanical. Sucks for him — he was sitting in 2nd at the time.

  • c4cupp

    Hurley may have just been hallucinating due to dehydration.

  • HurleyO

    yeah thats what it was 😉 nothing to due with a pure arse whippin or mechanical. I can say i never saw 3 to go much less 2 to go and could hear someone saying 2 to go(i think) I was at 1:04 when i was told 1 to go. Ummm IM good. Now that I think about it. Did Riley and JD get lapped in thier 9th lap? Im guessing yes, I didnt so i had to go do the 10th lap to not get DNF’d? Ummm no again i’ll take the DNF. I promise t get faster and make it easier on you guys scoring. I know its tough. Let me know if we need to switch up sometime while im racing, just tap in for a lap or 2.

  • W4

    It really was due to me not paying attention. Maaike is correct in that I did an extra lap by mistake.
    Hurley is the original Bamacross BA; we know what it is like when you bring the hurt
    Looking forward to seeing you guys soon; Mark and Gina always do a great job

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