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Results from Bamacross #1 are being posted as they are reviewed. We will get them into the traditional spreadsheet soon.

Women, Masters, SS

Mens 4, JRs

Mens 3

Mens 1-2

11 comments to Results

  • max

    what do all those numbers mean?

  • Brent Marshall

    The circled #’s at the top are laps the #’s below are bib #’s. The final lap can be tricky if you don’t know what you are looking at. From top to bottom would be finishing order if noone were lapped and everyone finished the same amount of laps. You have to start counting laps on bibs to make sure you start scoring with the bib that finished all laps.

    The first race is very hard to score. Believe it or not, adding the ss category to this heat really makes it hard…5 categories in one heat to seperate at the end. I think there are a few things we will try next time to reduce the frustrating task of bib seperation after each race. The scoring was very good, the snags we had became obvious when I went over the score sheets…one missed # during the race can really mess things up. The #’s don’t lie though. When you have 3-4 people recording bibs, one score sheets problem can be rectified by looking at the others. Because this is a series, I try to pour over the score sheets the week after the race to make sure we get it right.

  • W4

    Brent…you are awesome…so is Jake Garner…that is all


    I was 1st in the 1-2’s hahahahah lmao

  • I lapped and was lapped. The Elite race should be a blast. Great weekend Brent.

  • Geoff

    One of the best races in my 4 year history with bamacross. Give us a hint Brent… Changing the course much?

  • Brent Marshall

    not a chance. the only way to find out is to be a volunteer setting up on saturday.

  • Alex

    Thanks for reviewing, fixing, and posting! Letting folks see the jumble that has to be sorted is a good idea. :)
    I think GA runs the SS with the 30 min heat. That might work better here. I think it would be easier to score.

  • Alex

    Also, please folks, upside down numbers make it soooooooooo much harder. Flapping ones from a pin fail too. Crumpled folded over ones from jerseys riding up too.
    Throw on a 5th pin on the top/forward edge, and get a buddy to check its not upside down. If your jersey rides up, put number closer to armpit than waist. Pretty please. Please.

  • Garner

    8 pins. 4 corners and the in betweens. It’s how I roll.

  • Alex

    Keep up the good work!! Spread the love…

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