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Series Upgrades

We have reached the point of the year where mandatory upgrades are in effect. You are responsible for upgrading. Please be aware of the 3 top 3 or 5 top 5 upgrade rule. If you enter a race without following these guidelines you will forfeit prizes and points. If you need a usac upgrade, e-mail slamp at usacycling

6 comments to Series Upgrades

  • Alex

    I have a request. (Surprise?)
    Can we put the result spreasheet, in addition to the imbedded version, as a linked separate page, like it has been in previous years? It doesn’t work on my droid, and even on the computer, it is hard to navigate, tab buttons are hidden.

    For women, since there are so few, maybe we could look at the combined classes to enforce this? If a 4 finishes in the top 3 overall, probably should upgrade. But if there are only 5 in the beginners, maybe that wouldn’t be necessary? (Doesn’t affect me of course, I still should downgrade for dfl every time, but…) we did have a query from a racer about where they placed in the combined group, I didn’t have that list handy. Easy enough to do though.

  • mjmcinto

    Alex – You should already be able to access the results by themselves (non-embedded). On the left hand side of the site, there’s a section for results (right under the schedule). There is a link for the 2011 series that takes you to the stand alone page there.

  • c4cupp

    Has anyone reached the Top 3 quota yet? I know of 2 that should have reached it were not racing yesterday.

  • jacob

    Brent, you should maybe post this on the Fb page. I think more people read that more than they read this page, and this is a better-know-ahead-of-time kinda thing.

  • W4

    Brent; I read this one first. Facebook is blocked here at the office since we want to keep the employees workin! Hahaha…Jacob is right though; the masses probably use facebook hourly

  • Alex

    Ah, that link works! I thought it didn’t the last time I tried. User error. :)

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