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Bamacross #3- Spooktacular Results

7 comments to Bamacross #3- Spooktacular Results (revised)

  • James Prentice

    I was 4th place SS at bamacross #3. Not sure where or how I was given 10th place. Really demoralizing since this was a double points race. Results are not being posted in a timely fashion in order for one to protest. I’m just now finding out about this inaccuracy today.

  • Brent Marshall


    I forwarded to USAC for review. If this in fact incorrect, it will be revised. FYI, the results were posted pretty darn quick in Tuscaloosa.

  • James Prentice

    lethargic posting of results was more of a generalization pointed towards the former races. I was racing the cat 4 race after ss/master/women race and would not have seen results in time to protest. I do not know the exact time they were posted, but it was not before my second race. thanks for your consideration.

  • W4

    I vote that Craig Tamburello and Joseph Dabbs are tied on the best newcomer to Bamacross.

  • geo

    I (George Mattison/#76) was a DNF in the t-town SS race. Not 8th. I wish.

  • geo

    nevermind, i was looking at overall.

  • Maaike Everts

    We do our best to be as fast and accurate as possible; there’s no intentional slowness, and if anybody sees a mistake, feel free to submit corrections to maaike at uab dot edu.

    James, your issue has already been fixed. Masters 45+ has been updated as well, and I’ve added the juniors and have updated team points for that. Enjoy!

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