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Bamacross #3- Spooktacular Results

13 comments to Bamacross #3- Spooktacular Results (revised)

  • James Prentice

    I was 4th place SS at bamacross #3. Not sure where or how I was given 10th place. Really demoralizing since this was a double points race. Results are not being posted in a timely fashion in order for one to protest. I’m just now finding out about this inaccuracy today.

  • Brent Marshall


    I forwarded to USAC for review. If this in fact incorrect, it will be revised. FYI, the results were posted pretty darn quick in Tuscaloosa.

  • James Prentice

    lethargic posting of results was more of a generalization pointed towards the former races. I was racing the cat 4 race after ss/master/women race and would not have seen results in time to protest. I do not know the exact time they were posted, but it was not before my second race. thanks for your consideration.

  • W4

    I vote that Craig Tamburello and Joseph Dabbs are tied on the best newcomer to Bamacross.

  • geo

    I (George Mattison/#76) was a DNF in the t-town SS race. Not 8th. I wish.

  • geo

    nevermind, i was looking at overall.

  • Maaike Everts

    We do our best to be as fast and accurate as possible; there’s no intentional slowness, and if anybody sees a mistake, feel free to submit corrections to maaike at uab dot edu.

    James, your issue has already been fixed. Masters 45+ has been updated as well, and I’ve added the juniors and have updated team points for that. Enjoy!

  • Maaike Everts

    You Mattisons can only do better next time then :-)

  • leeneal

    Yep. Jimmy was in front of me.

  • Alex

    James, it is impossible to sort out the first race before the second starts, with 5 separate groups racing, and multiple upside down bib numbers, etc.
    Please, come by and protest anytime after results are posted. It is MUCH easier to sort out day of (and give other racers a chance to see revised results) than to go back and dig up the score sheets later.
    The 15 minute protest period is not an issue. Obviously, since results are even corrected days after. Our goal is to get the most accurate results we can.
    And anytime someone lets us know they DNF, that helps too. Stop by and let the officials know if you can. George, i think I remember some confusion about your placing. Sorry about that, and thanks for letting us know!!

    I do think the word lethargic is a bit harsh. We are busting our asses to produce accurate results as fast as we can. Slow is one thing, lethargic is synonymous with lazy and indifferent, and I can assure you that is not the case.
    A couple more volunteers would help a lot if anyone wants to sacrifice watching one or more of the races.

  • Alex

    Everyone please also get a buddy to check your pinning of numbers. Upside down 68 looks like 89, for example. That is an extra 10 minutes trying to sort out why we have a number that isn’t on the start list. etc. Have to crosscheck who started that isn’t scored with who dnf’s with what extra numbers we have and good luck with that. We had at least 2 of those this week in that one race. if it is obviously upside down, it is easy enough to figure out, but when it looks like a completely different number, not so much.

  • rossPORTER

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who makes the scoring and results happen.

  • jacob

    Ditto Ross. You guys have a really hard job and we’re very grateful.

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