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lights, under the lights

You ready? booked a room, dollar bills folded, cowbells packed, vocal chords tuned, cameras ready? It’s that time of the year when we do the twilight boogie in Anniston. Wig has put together what he believes to be a Brookside killer of courses. Mellow Mushroom will host the after party per usual. This is the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP RACE! There are sweet champ jerseys on the line folks. There are sweet champ jerseys on the line folks. There are sweet…

4 comments to lights, under the lights

  • Wig

    Don’t think I can make a better course than Bside 3 but I’m sure gonna try.

  • just remember one rule of thumb: If people whine about how hard it is, then it’s a good course.

  • Brad Hood

    I agree Ross! Bring the PAIN!

  • Hey guys, we are planning on bringing a group over Saturday night and look forward to racing under the lights again. We will be hosting a race the following day, Sunday November 20th in Rome that promises a fun course (part on motocross track, single track, grass fields, run-ups, etc….We’ll bring flyers with us but it is NOT a sanctioned event and adult beverages will be provided……with reason. Look forward to seeing ya’ll.

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