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Pics from Sunday

I don’t think I have ever worked myself or my help as hard as this past Friday/Saturday/Sunday. That course was a beast to setup. I used every stake in the quiver. One thing for certain – that was no short track mountain bike race.







4 comments to Pics from Sunday

  • HurleyO

    If you dont like to run , then dont race cross – simple. http://velonews.competitor.com/ Check out the Boulder Cross races

  • HurleyO

    ps, congrats to those who worked the course, ive heard major props!!!

  • Garner

    I have to admit. I am still sore. That by far was the hardest set up/tear down I think I have ever done. I am still having nightmares about piles of blue “Shimano” tape swallowing me. My ‘mates at CCR did me and the team proud, but I also have to throw some credit out to my wife and kids. As George and Matt said, “The wagon lady is making us all look bad.” as she toted my daughter around the course picking up stakes in the wagon. I wanted to show my kids that the races just don’t magically happen and you have to put a little muscle in to it and see it through. It was well worth it, and I look forward to when CCR gets called again to represent. Personally, that course was awesome.

  • W4

    Course was awesome! Fast, just difficult enough to keep you from going to sleep, and just a few extra dismount features. The sand run was sweet…not very long, but long enough to shoulder the bike. Great design CCR and Brent.
    HurleyO: we missed you out there, Bud

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