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Gadsden Muck

Great time in Gadsden, I think the people finally got what they were looking for – MUD!!! The numbers were down, but the spirits were HIGH! Back Forty Beer Company helped out just a little bit with the cheer, no?
Thanks again to Craig and Brick Alley Bicycles.

This week- back to Brookside for the final time, sad to say that. This is your last chance to catch BAMACROSS for a month…don’t miss out.

5 comments to Gadsden Muck

  • Jacob

    Final time in 2011 right? We are going back there next year, right?

  • Brent Marshall

    Final time this season, correct.

  • W4

    To me, Brookside has proven to be the best venue so far. I love Sloss for its grit, Tuscaloosa for the variety and Gadsden for the mud; however, Brookside has so much to offer and has been a blast to race. I hope this next one is along the same line as Brookside #3.
    Thanks for a great course in Gadsden Brent and Craig

  • L4

    I hope this next one is along the same line as Brookside #1 & #2.

  • W4

    I realized that I left Anniston off of my list as I was unable to make it. However, the course looked pretty awesome from the pictures and footage that I’ve seen.

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