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The schedule has been updated on the sidebar and flyers will soon follow. We are still seeking sponsors, so if you are interested shoot me a message and we can discuss options. You will notice a few venue changes, their may be a few to follow as we wrap up negotiations with potential venues. We […]

It's that time of year

At ease ladies,

I know you are all teary eyed and sullen now that little bike race in France is over. But, never fear- the doctor has a cure. Now is the time when we set our sights on the less serious side of cycling and start thinking of cooler temeratures, knobby tires, sand, barriers and […]

2012-13 season details

‎9/9 brookside dirt kermesse #1 (non series)

9/23 brookside dirt kermesse #2 (non series)

9/30 bx#1 Brookside

10/14 bx#2 Jeff State

10/21-22 bx#3/4 Gadsden Double

10/28 bx#5 Cooper Green

11/11 bx#6 Bham TBD

11/18 bx#7/8 Anniston

12/2 bx#9 Sloss

12/9 bx#10 Cooter’s Pond

12/16 bx#11 Avondale (finale)

1/6/13 non-series race

1/20/13 non-series race

2/13 Sylacauga dirt circuit (non-series)