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Race Week!!

I am getting a few messages regarding race info. I have not created flyers this year as in past years for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is that we have 3 areas to obtain information (usacycling.org/bikereg.com/series rules) not to mention facebook, twitter… But, the fact that I am getting these notes means that […]

Parts Bin Party

Is still on for the Tannehill race. This will be a fundraiser for Magic City Cycle Chix/BUMP. So get out your old or new old parts-merchandise-shop old stock, etc… and get ready to make some cash.This is open to individuals, shops and any bike related sellers out there. Table space is 10 bucks and you […]

2011 Final Results

I’ve gotten a few emails from folks wanting to upgrade their category and not having final results from last year. I’m not sure what’s going on, but the code keeps getting “eaten” when I load it. I should have this fixed at some point today. If you need the file, just e-mail me and I […]

Cycling SOS

This App boldly provides cyclist an added sense of safety   whether on the road or on a mountain. This mobile alarm system works with smartphones and a large percentage of non-smart phones to provide you help anytime or anywhere. At a touch of a button or upon impact detection you will be linked directly to […]

Prereg and it feels so good