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Gadsden Press

The Gadsden Times took some great photos of the early races. The link is here 

I want to thank everyone for coming out to our first night race. We had a bunch of help from the city of Gadsden, it is race to host a cyclocross event where a local Tourism Board, Parks and Rec. Dept. and Public Works pull together to make it happen. Gadsden has been a great host for us. Back Forty Brewing Co. is not a bad ally to have either, eh?


Series points tally will be up shortly. We are already plotting and scheming course deviations for our next race in Cullman…



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  • hurleyo

    Pretty damn cool course. My CC is a couple of the chicanes couldve been right after that 1st long straight. I did like how the chicanes started wide then got tight. Thanks to you and all the crew.

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