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she was a good one, she always is…that slosscross. UCI officials would have croaked = what american cyclocross means to me.


NOLA/ATL/WA all came to get some, and the gettin’ was got. It was a weird season with Alabama cyclocross being stretched into forms it’s never seen before and I think it was good, for the most part. The one thing I noticed missing was atmosphere. For some reason the festive side took a shot and it seemed to be much more about racing, just straightforward racing…like a bike race? But I missed it, it made me wonder. Then sloss came around. All the love lost was found again, the baby woke up, the baby heckled,the baby was inhebriated, the baby was back.


Hobo fires, cookouts,mud,creepy critter woods art,turns,barriers,beers,cheers.


That’s my report.


Till next year. Till next year.



4 comments to sloss season ender

  • david

    wanted to ask how i could go about getting some Bamacross swag saw some shirts and ideas at the sloss race thanks david

  • Brent Marshall

    Hi David,

    We have a few items, stickerrs and maybe a shirt or two on zazzle.com, just search bamacross on their site.


  • ATLX Josh

    FWIW y’all had a USAC official racing the course. Sloss = cross in my book. Might have busted out the tape measure on the singletrack section, pretty sure I woulda found it to be 10′ wide throughout ;)

  • Brent Marshall

    Ha, thanks Josh. I think that makes 3 usac officials we had racing. Never had problems with any of the locals. Just co sprngs.

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