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Tannehill Recap




The hardcores were out with force this weekend. This season has been a dry one, until it wasn’t. The first heat raced on a relatively normal course with a few wet roots to battle. Maaike and Kim had a good little battle with Maaike pulling away early and Kim clawing her way back to striking distance with one to go. The masters races were good ones as usual with Wael Amara and Mike Powell (45/35) battling it out to the end.

I was stoked that the juniors fields were solid in the race conditions. Jolie Dufour proved that there’s something in the water at that house (can I get a drink), while Savannah Meredith wore the leaders jersey proud and battled within seconds to the end. also, newcomer Libby Davis had a strong race and learned plenty about handling skills on a super technical course. Campbell Holley and William Seitz crossed swords once more with Campbell flying the leaders jersey for the w; Jack Phelps rode like a lion on his 24″ redline getting rad in all the turns.

In the women’s C race Gretchen Mcelveen and Holly Carmichael did their thing battling back and forth with Gretchen taking the w again; there was a gret battle close behind for third with Michelle Campbell and Andie Thompson throwing down.

The single speed race has been a good one all year and this one did not disappoint; Gavin and JD were very close the entire race with Kyle Campbell close behind. Gavin pulled the w with JD 100m behind.

The men’s C race was one of the most exciting of the day to witness, with multiple lead changes. A Mellow Mushroom rider took the holeshot and had a big lead, but within a couple of laps he was back in the fold. With one to go, Sean Williamson had the lead, but only just. He was able to keep it upright and take the w with Brian D and Joe Ortega charging the line close behind.

The C35 race was tight, with Jeff McCord, Russell Brown and Doug Littrell swapping licks until a winner emerged in Jeff (I smell a bagger).

The A/B race is when the sky opened up and pops of lightning were all around. We were checking several different weather apps trying to decide if we should delay the race or not. The decision was made to let them race on time. Mike Lackey charged the first turns and showed the way until Jerry Dufour took over the controls. Jerry and Joseph Dabbs pulled a slight gap on Mike, but it was an ebb and flow the entire race with Mike pulling into reach several times. Mike probably couldn’t tell, but Pat Casey was so close behind him the entire race and crushing it to connect. The race ended with Jerry taking it with Joseph close for second and Mike rolling in to round out the podium.

This weekend is the finale, Sloss Cross. I don’t need to tell you that it is not to be missed. The afterparty at Bottletree will be half season end party and half Xmas party. Bring yer party pants.

Braaap, Braap, Hup, Hup!!!

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