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New Blood

I’m sure many of you have heard by now, so let me open the horse’s mouth. We have passed the BAMACROSS torch to a new bunch of hooligans. This has been a great 10 years of my life, it’s been lots of work and lots of reward. But, along the way I have made a […]



Thanks everyone for racing with us this season. I think it was a good one. We had 4 great venues and time for rest between. Sloss was a blast as usual. So now it’s time to rest up for nationals in TX and to tune in and watch our hero Jerry Dufour take a bit […]

Series Finale SLOSSCROSS!


BX Brookside Results!

Bamacross Results 2014_After Brookside

2014 Jersey

Philip Darden www.philiciousness.com Has, once again, knocked it out of the park on jersey design. The order window is only open for 1 week, so get on if you are getting on. Online order site is HERE


Jeff McCord made a nice little video HERE

Some pictures HERE

Results and series standings to follow shortly.



It seems like each year in Gadrock gets better…the atmosphere, the field of racers and the courses. We had great representation, once again, from Chattanoooga and Atl. Big thanks to Back Forty for the podium space and beer. I cant say enough about the City of Gadsden and the help they provide to make this […]