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Avoid the long registration line before the early race by using BikeReg.  Spend less time standing in line and gain more pre-ride time on the course.



Race #1

Photo courtesy Langston Stabler Hereford

I won’t even attempt to thank everyone that deserves praise for making this weekend possible, there were just too many friends, family and BAMACROSS faithful that step forward to keep it rolling. Much love to all of you. Bike Link Man did a great job of support once again, thanks Joe. The first [...]

Race Week!!

I am getting a few messages regarding race info. I have not created flyers this year as in past years for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is that we have 3 areas to obtain information (usacycling.org/bikereg.com/series rules) not to mention facebook, twitter… But, the fact that I am getting these notes means that [...]

Parts Bin Party

Is still on for the Tannehill race. This will be a fundraiser for Magic City Cycle Chix/BUMP. So get out your old or new old parts-merchandise-shop old stock, etc… and get ready to make some cash.This is open to individuals, shops and any bike related sellers out there. Table space is 10 bucks and you [...]

2011 Final Results

I’ve gotten a few emails from folks wanting to upgrade their category and not having final results from last year. I’m not sure what’s going on, but the code keeps getting “eaten” when I load it. I should have this fixed at some point today. If you need the file, just e-mail me and I [...]

Cycling SOS

This App boldly provides cyclist an added sense of safety   whether on the road or on a mountain. This mobile alarm system works with smartphones and a large percentage of non-smart phones to provide you help anytime or anywhere. At a touch of a button or upon impact detection you will be linked directly to [...]