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Future of Bamacross

The rumors are True! Brent has passed the tradition of Bamacross onto Jason and Stewart. We want to keep the tradition going with the same ideals and grass roots style racing that makes Bamacross what it is. Race venues and dates will remain similar to last year’s schedule, as well as, it will be USAC sanctioned. Once we have a schedule finalized it will be posted on the Bamacross website, bamacross.com; as well as, on the Bamacross facebook page. Looking forward to seeing everyone this Fall and get Ready, cause we’re going to Bring It!

New Blood

I’m sure many of you have heard by now, so let me open the horse’s mouth. We have passed the BAMACROSS torch to a new bunch of hooligans. This has been a great 10 years of my life, it’s been lots of work and lots of reward. But, along the way I have made a lot of really good friends, even if I yelled at a few of you…I still consider you friends (I was just the screaming high school football coach type of friend).

I have received most of the credit over the years for running BAMACROSS but the fact of the matter is that it took a village. It never mattered when I put the call out for help, it always came and most of the time I ended up with more volunteer help than I could direct. If I tried to list everyone that has formed the BAMACROSS community it would crash your hard drive. This ‘community’ vibe that was formed is the main reason I decided to pass it on instead of close it down. I didn’t want to pass it on if it was going to be guided in a different direction. Jason Lackey and Stewart Miller stepped forward and told me they wanted to carry the torch and this is such a perfect fit. These guys have been with me for a couple of years now and along side Matt, Jacq and Lindsey, they have been the core of the BX machine. I think these guys are going to take the BX vibe and expand on it, taking it upward.

It is a bittersweet goodbye, but I’m sure I’ll be out at the races supporting my little defending series champ (Abigail) and maybe even trading elbows in the lower cat, fat old guy category. I appreciate everyone who has supported us over the years-racers, volunteers, core workers and sponsors. You have all helped form a cx culture in Alabama that did not exist before we started.

See you at the races,

Brent Marshall


syway epic poster2015


Thanks everyone for racing with us this season. I think it was a good one. We had 4 great venues and time for rest between. Sloss was a blast as usual. So now it’s time to rest up for nationals in TX and to tune in and watch our hero Jerry Dufour take a bit of all of us to the land of frites and mayo for the big show. We will post series results sometime between now and next season, so stay tuned. Out.

Series Finale SLOSSCROSS!




BX Brookside Results!

Bamacross Results 2014_After Brookside

2014 Jersey

BAMCROSS 25256 3D Jersey Front BAMCROSS 25256 3D Jersey BackPhilip Darden www.philiciousness.com Has, once again, knocked it out of the park on jersey design. The order window is only open for 1 week, so get on if you are getting on. Online order site is HERE


Jeff McCord made a nice little video HERE

Some pictures HERE

Results and series standings to follow shortly.