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Results for BAMACROSS #3- Presented by BRANNON HONDA

After the 3rd race in the BAMACROSS Presented by BRANNON Honda series which saw some fast lap times on what turned out to be very tough technical course in Cullman, the following is run down of the series standings in each category.

  • Scott Staubach from Momentum has extended his lead in the Master’s 35 with Craig Tamburello of Brick Alley Bikes and Marcus Campbell of GSMR in tight battle for 2nd and 3rd.
  • Wael Amara of GSMR is proving that you only need 1 gear and a consistence podium finish each race to lead the Master’s 45 series, GSMR teammate David Sanders and Randy Kerr of Momentum are in another tight battle for the other 2 podium spots.
  • The Junior Boys series continues to be an exciting series with the podium spots going  to Campbell Holly in 1st, William Hereford of Bici Coop in 2nd  and William Seitz of GSMR in 3rd.
  • Savannah Meredith of MG&G has strong hold on the top podium step, but she now has another young racer in Jodie Dufour racing for Steel City She in 2nd.
  • In the Singlespeed series Randy Kerr of Momentum has come on strong over the last couple of races to take the lead and only 1 points separates Peter Reed of Absolute Racing and Philip Thompson of Tria for 2nd and 3rd.
  • The Men’s C series has turned into a 2 man race between Zachery Riggins in 1st and Joe Ortega of MG&G in 2nd, with Matt Pittman holding onto the last podium spot.
  • Joseph DiChiarchio of East Ridge Mtn Mafia current sits in 1st in the Men’s C 35+ series, with Stephen Kelly of Team Magic in 2nd and Doug Littrell in 3rd.
  • The Woman’s AB series is be led by Maaike Everts of Steel City She, with her teammate Jennifer Humber in 2nd and Kate Stribling of Bici Coop in 3rd.
  • The Women’s C series is turning out to be another tough battle between Melissa Daniels in 1st, Michelle Campbell of GSMR in 2nd and Gretchen McElveen of MG&G currently in 3rd.
  • The Men’s B series is being led by young GSMR racer Reid Richesin with Michael Powell of Momentum and Marcus Campbell of GSMR in a tight battle for 2nd and 3rd.
  • Who knew that Joseph Dabbs’ acrobatic save in a failed bunny hopping attempt over the barriers was enough to help him hold onto his lead in the Men’s A series.  Mike Lackey of Tria moved in the 2nd spot and the 3rd podium spot is currently being shared by Jerry Dufour of Momentum & Chris Edmonds of Tria.




BAMACROSS presented by BRANNON Honda Series recap:

  • Campbell Holley, William Hereford and William Seitz continue to battle for the top 3 podium spots in the Jr. boys division
  • Savannah Meredith of MG&G Racing sits alone on the podium in the Jr. Girls division with her only competition coming from the Jr. boys each race
  • Momentum’s Scott Staubach is off to a fast start in the Master’s 35 series taking the top podium spot thus far, with Craig Tamburello of Brick Alley Bicycles and Marcus Campbell of GSMR sitting in 2nd and 3rd in the series
  • Single-speeder Wael Amara of GSMR has taken a lead in the Master’s 45 series with Daniel Askren of Montgomery Multi-sport in 2nd and Wael’s GSMR teammate David Sanders currently in 3rd
  • There is a 2-way tie for the top podium step in the Men’s C race between Joe Ortega of MG&G Racing and Zachary Riggins, with Brick Alley Bicycles’ Clint Knight currently holding onto the last podium spot.
  • Joseph DiChiarchio of East Ridge Mtn Mafia has a commanding lead in the Men’s C35+ series, leaving Ben Brannon of MG&G Racing and Steve Hamm of Brick Alley Bicycles racing for 2nd and 3rd
  • Jennifer Humber of Steel City She has the lead in the Woman’s AB series from the start with Steel City She teammate Maaike Everts in 2nd and Meagan Daniel in 3rd
  •  Women’s C series is a battle between Melissa Daniel, Michelle Campbell and Andie Thompson
  • The Singlespeed series top podium step is currently a tight battle between Peter Reed of Absolute Racing and Philip Thompson of Tria, with Momentum’s Pat Casey rounding out the podium in 3rd
  • With Justin Bynum of Tria newly upgraded to the Men’s A after a dominate performance in Gadsden, Peter Reed of Absolute Racing is left standing on his 2nd top podium spot in the Men’s B series, with Hardwick Gregg of Tria on the 2nd step and James Barry on the last podium step.
  • The Men’s A series top 3 spots is only separated by 4 points!  Joseph Dabbs of Momentum currently is on the top step and Tria teammates Mike Lackey and Justin Bynum on the 2nd and 3rd podium step.




Gadsden press

The Gadsden Times took some great photos of the early races. The link is here 

I want to thank everyone for coming out to our first night race. We had a bunch of help from the city of Gadsden, it is race to host a cyclocross event where a local Tourism Board, Parks and Rec. Dept. and Public Works pull together to make it happen. Gadsden has been a great host for us. Back Forty Brewing Co. is not a bad ally to have either, eh?


Series points tally will be up shortly. We are already plotting and scheming course deviations for our next race in Cullman…





Podiums will be after the last race at Back Forty Brewery near the course.  There are plenty of hotels nearby and camping is available 2 miles from the course at Noccolula Falls.

Remember:If you are a series leader, you must wear the leaders jersey. Pick them up at registration!

Remember to bring your race number from Bamacross #1!


BX Notes

Photo by Sara Walker