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2011 Final Results

I’ve gotten a few emails from folks wanting to upgrade their category and not having final results from last year. I’m not sure what’s going on, but the code keeps getting “eaten” when I load it. I should have this fixed at some point today. If you need the file, just e-mail me and I will get it to you.

Cycling SOS

This App boldly provides cyclist an added sense of safety   whether on the road or on a mountain. This mobile alarm system works with smartphones and a large percentage of non-smart phones to provide you help anytime or anywhere. At a touch of a button or upon impact detection you will be linked directly to our security monitoring center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to convey your location to our operators. Combine those lifesaving communications with the daily features available such as weather, air quality,traffic, GPS location, area crime status, and more for a well-rounded solution for any avid cyclist.


Prereg and it feels so good

Updates, Updates...


I am pleased to announce that BAMACROSS has a new presenting sponsor in Cycling SOS. This is going to be a super cool application launching soon!

I have updated the schedule on the sidebar. Yep…the Kermesse races that I announced are gone, sorry. That was something I can’t remember ever doing (cancelling a race), but the venue shakeup was pretty crazy this year. Things have shaped up and we have some great venues on tap for you.

Tannehill is a venue that many of you have suggested over the years and with a little help from some friends, it is now a reality. We are still doing the “Parts Bin swap” at the first race, so if you want to set up a table, be sure to e-mail jacquelynhm at g mail dot com.


The schedule has been updated on the sidebar and flyers will soon follow. We are still seeking sponsors, so if you are interested shoot me a message and we can discuss options. You will notice a few venue changes, their may be a few to follow as we wrap up negotiations with potential venues. We will offer a season pass for purchase soon on Bikereg, so keep your eyes open.

It's that time of year

At ease ladies,

I know you are all teary eyed and sullen now that little bike race in France is over. But, never fear- the doctor has a cure. Now is the time when we set our sights on the less serious side of cycling and start thinking of cooler temeratures, knobby tires, sand, barriers and beer. It’s time for cross. Time to start training and thinking about what’s to come. I will have some updates on venues and sponsors coming shortly, so hold your hat. It’s getting close.

It’s been awhile between posts…I almost forgot the password.

2012-13 season details

‎9/9 brookside dirt kermesse #1 (non series)

9/23 brookside dirt kermesse #2 (non series)

9/30 bx#1 Brookside

10/14 bx#2 Jeff State

10/21-22 bx#3/4 Gadsden Double

10/28 bx#5 Cooper Green

11/11 bx#6 Bham TBD

11/18 bx#7/8 Anniston

12/2 bx#9 Sloss

12/9 bx#10 Cooter’s Pond

12/16 bx#11 Avondale (finale)

1/6/13 non-series race

1/20/13 non-series race

2/13 Sylacauga dirt circuit (non-series)


You all have heard by now that BAMACROSS,LLC. is getting into the endurance mtb bizness. I have been participating in these type events for some time now and have always loved the atmosphere, which is the most important aspect of events (IMO). I believe the Skyway race is the beginning of many years of me,us,we utilizing the Talledega National Forest for bike racing and I hope y’all will come out and enjoy this event with us. Tacky Jack himself will be onhand with the cooking duties, that’s gonna be the bomb! My lovely wife Jacky will be doin’ the registering, COGS will be manning the aid stations and keeping y’all on course and I’ll be there playing my lousy music and hiding somewhere drinking a beer…you know, bizness as usual. The deadline for getting a free tshirt with registration is 4/20 (bikereg) after that we will have t-shirts for sale on the website (look at the top for our store) and at the venue on race day. Race day registration will be open and the fee will be $90. Free camping onsite Saturday night, food,beer,killer sags and the Bamacross vibe. Get it.

Year End Bash update

OK, several of you have said that you would probably eat before the party at 2, so we will provide something to munch on but not a ‘meal’ as planned. The race venue is on Meighan Blvd. in Gadsden and there are several options for you very close by. I will print directions to Back Forty and have them available for you at registration. If you are using a GPS or mapping software the addresses are as follows:

Race venue

1500 West Meighan Boulevard  Gadsden, AL 35901-3340


Awards Ceremony Venue

200 North 6th Street  Gadsden, AL 35901


Hope to see all you’re smiling faces in Gadrock Sunday!


Race Flyer



Bamacross #9 Results